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All About European Car Certificates of Conformity CoC

 All About European Car Certificates of Conformity  CoC

All About European Car Certificates of Conformity CoC

If you import a car from abroad, you must obtain a certificate of conformity (or COC). This document is the key to creating your file. It certifies that the vehicle meets European standards when leaving the factory. Even if your car being transported abroad is used, it is necessary as this document allows you to drive your car legally in UK.

COC to register your vehicle in France

  • The first issue : the purchase of a used car imported from abroad obliges you to produce a composite COC to register it in France. the Used cars’ certificate of conformity certify that the vehicle complies with European regulations.
  • Another language : you bought your used car directly abroad. You have one month to complete your registration in France. Do not waste time and ask for your compliance request immediately upon purchase of the vehicle to drive in France in a fully legal manner.

For information, in COC we find: manufacturer’s logo, vehicle registration number, approval number, serial number or model version (or TVV) and various technical information. This document only applies to cars registered after 1996.


How to get a certificate of conformity?

COC is sourced from a brand name retailer. This is the most classic way to ask for consistency. This method can be expensive, it is also often rather slow. In addition, depending on the dealer or brand, the deadlines will be more or less different. Specialized sites can also make your life easier, such as EuroCOC.

Once you have the COC in hand, you are ready to apply for the new gray card for your used vehicle. In particular, it is your certificate of conformity that will serve as a source for all the information that will appear on the new gray card.


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