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Terms of Sales

The general conditions of sale below detail all the provisions related to the services subscribed by the customer with the company SCOC AUTO acting under the trade name Euro Conformité.


The applicable GCS are those in force on the day of validation of the order.



SCOC AUTO SAS with a capital of €15,000

165 Avenue de Colmar



The purpose of these general terms and conditions of sale is to define the terms and conditions for the sale of European Certificates of Conformity (or COC) by the company to the customer. The general conditions of sale are visible to the customer on the website who declares to have read them when ordering the Certificate of Conformity.



SCOC AUTO SAS provides Certificates of Conformity on behalf of individuals and professionals (Complete Certificate of Conformity, Partial Certificate of Conformity, Certificate of Non-Conformity, Certificate of Identification, European Certificate of Conformity)

The Certificate of Conformity or Certificate of Identification is for vehicles that have undergone European or French approval.

The certificate of non-conformity or Partial Certificate of Conformity is for vehicles that have not undergone European approval (vehicles manufactured for the American market or other countries than the EU).


CAUTION: When ordering by the customer, the type of certificate that is sent to the customer is not known in advance. Also, depending on the vehicle, the document that is ordered and delivered to the customer can therefore be a complete, partial or non-compliance certificate of conformity, identification certificate, COC, etc.

Indeed, the company is not the issuer of these certificates. It has an administrative role and obtains it from the persons authorized to do so on behalf of the client. The company knows exactly the type of document when it receives the document from the approval department. It is therefore not possible to know in advance the nature of the document that will be issued to the customer.

We therefore recommend before ordering your certificate to send us an email with a copy of the foreign registration document in order to check the type of Certificate available for your vehicle. If the Certificate is available, it is necessary that the customer clearly indicates whether he wishes a European Certificate of Conformity or a National Certificate of Conformity (Identification certificate).


Otherwise, the company will send him, depending on the brand, either a European Certificate of Conformity or a National Certificate of Conformity (Certificate of Identification).


In order to process your Certificate request, you will need to send us, depending on the brand of your vehicle, documents such as:


Copy of the foreign gray card

Copy of vehicle purchase invoice

Copy of your identity document

Etc ...



The vehicle must be a passenger vehicle, and must meet the following provisions:


Have been registered after January 2, 1997

Weigh less than 3.5 tons

Have been registered from the outset in a member country of the European Union

Each request must be made by the site or by mail.




The rates are detailed on the website In the event of a change in prices, the company undertakes to guarantee the customer the maintenance of the price for which he made payment on the day of his order. The prices indicated are fixed for a minimum period of one month.

The rates are applicable and identical regardless of the document sent to the customer (European certificate of conformity, partial certificate of conformity, certificate of non-compliance, certificate of non-compliance, partial certificate of compliance)



Invoicing is sent to the customer on his request together with the sending of the European Certificate of Conformity or any other official document helping to obtain a gray card in the prefecture.

In order to avoid bad checks, any order paid by check will only be processed after a period of 21 calendar days after the date of delivery of the check to the bank and its crediting.


A momentary absence of the customer cannot give rise to any suspension of the contract and/or to an interruption of the orders subscribed by the customer with the company.




The contract is subscribed for the benefit and at the expense of the sole natural or legal person mentioned and represented by his legal representative, no request for modification can be made during the order. Any modification of beneficiary, signatory having to be the subject of a new order. The customer declares to have read and accepted the general conditions of sale and the price documentation communicated beforehand. In the event of a dispute, the customer has the right, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, to bring his dispute to the attention of the company by writing to the company or, where applicable, by addressing the competent court. The possibility exists in the request made by the customer to designate a third party payer for the payment of the invoice. The customer must then designate the identity and contact details of the third-party payer when ordering. The customer remains solely responsible to the company for payments due and compliance with the contract.


The subscription must be understood as the acceptance of the order via an electronic communication medium. The order is concluded on the date indicated and not on the date of delivery of the European Certificate of Conformity or any other document helping to obtain a gray card in the prefecture.



Article L221-18 of the Consumer Code provides that the consumer has a period of 14 days to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to justify his decision. However, article L221-28 provides for cases where the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised.


Also in accordance with the exceptions defined by article L221-28 of the Consumer Code, the Customer who orders on our site is informed that he does not have the right of withdrawal, insofar as the service is fully executed before the end. of the withdrawal period and whose execution began after the customer's express prior agreement and express waiver of his right of withdrawal. This express agreement is given by the customer by ticking the appropriate box before paying for the order.


The service begins when the company instructs the compliance request. The performance of the service begins when we request information such as a copy of the gray card, or any other document or when we contact the customer by email, by phone.

If, however, the customer exercises his right of withdrawal before the end of the withdrawal period, he will be liable for an amount corresponding to the service rendered, calculated as follows:



An amount of €60 if the company is able to cancel the order with the suppliers

An amount of €40 if the company has not yet processed the order with the supplier

An amount corresponding to 100% of the price of the order if the company is no longer able to cancel the order with the suppliers.

For any request for withdrawal is to be sent preferably by registered mail with AR to the following address:



165 Avenue de Colmar


Administrative fees for an amount of €30 incl. case where the price initially paid by the customer has been increased after the order, for the following reasons:


Vehicle too old before 1997

Certificate ordered for a passenger vehicle instead of a professional vehicle

Vehicle does not meet European standards

Special vehicle (army vehicle, embassy etc...)

Letter K on the vehicle's registration card incomplete or not filled in

Request for additional documents not provided by the customer (eg conformity of headlights for cars from England)

File costs will also be deducted if the customer does not provide the documents necessary for the establishment of his certificate, attestation, annexes 12 ... within 3 weeks following our various document request reminders. The amount of the administrative costs is 50 €.


Reimbursement will be made within 2 weeks of receipt by SCOC AUTO SAS of the customer's intention to cancel or withdraw and will be made either to the credit of the credit card that was used during the purchase or by any other means (transfer or check).



The company reserves the right to transfer the rights and obligations of the order to any other company, provided that this company does not modify the conditions. The order cannot under any circumstances be transferred to a third party by the customer for any reason whatsoever.


The company may modify the general conditions of sale subject to informing the customer (legal person) by mail or e-mail at least one month before the entry into force of the new conditions. In the event of disagreement by the customer (legal person), he will have from the date of entry into force of the new general conditions of sale, four (4) months to request the termination of the contract. This termination will take effect on the last day of the month following that of receipt of the registered letter by the company.


 In the absence of termination, the customer will be deemed to have accepted the new general conditions of sale. Under no circumstances does the order entail the right for the customer to use, in any capacity whatsoever, the commercial brand used by the company or any other distinctive sign of the latter as well as the Euro Conformité brand, the exclusive property of the company on French territory.



All deadlines announced are calculated in working days (subject to validation of your order). The delivery date is calculated taking into account the preparation and shipping times to which is added the delivery time of the carrier. The deadlines announced are provisional deadlines. Also please note that the deadlines can go up to 20 weeks after the validation of your order when your file is complete and depends on the vehicle for which you are requesting its certificate of conformity. The Scoc Auto company therefore depends on the deadlines of the approval services where the certificate of conformity has been ordered.


We can therefore in no way guarantee a deadline and our suppliers (approval department) also do not have a deadline to meet.



The European Certificate of Conformity or any other document helping to obtain a gray card in the prefecture is delivered to the delivery address indicated by the customer during the ordering process, or to the collection or relay point indicated. Attention: The European Certificate of Conformity C.O.C or any other official document issued by us is sent only once; in the case of an incorrect entry (error or change) of the postal address, it is up to the client to verify the information and to inform Euro Conformité in real time; the customer has a maximum period of 72 hours after validation of the order to notify us in writing (email or post) of any change of postal address. Delivery in Metropolitan France and countries of the European Union (a supplement may be requested for certain countries other than France).



The customer has a period of fourteen (14) working days from the debit of his bank account to dispute the amount of the order. Any complaints must be made in writing. Beyond this period, the customer is deemed to have accepted it definitively. In the event of a claim, payment remains due on the agreed date. The company in the event of a customer complaint, will endeavor to reach an amicable settlement. Failing this, the usual rules of jurisdiction will be applied.


In the event of a complaint, the Customer will first contact Scoc Auto. In the event of failure of the complaint request to Scoc Auto or in the absence of a response from the latter, the consumer may submit the dispute opposing him to Scoc Auto to a mediator who will attempt, in complete independence and impartiality, to bring the parties together with a view to reaching an amicable solution. The only mediator chosen for this purpose is the Mediator of the National Automobile Federation (FNA) who can be approached as follows: - By mail The Mediator FNA Immeuble Ax Nord 9 & 11 avenue Michelet 93583 Saint Ouen Cedex - on the site The parties to the contract remain free to accept or refuse the use of mediation as well as, in the event of recourse to mediation, to accept or refuse the solution proposed by the mediator . Otherwise, the French courts will have sole jurisdiction.



The Scoc Auto company respects the privacy of its users and customers and undertakes that all the information it collects, in particular concerning the use by the customer of the e-commerce service in order to buy or obtain a product (Certificate of Conformity) allowing the latter to be identified are considered confidential information.


The information collected on this site is processed by the company Scoc Auto, located 165 Avenue de Colmar 68 200 MULHOUSE, responsible for processing for the management of your requests, orders.


The collection of Customer information is essential to the issuance of our certificates of compliance. Refusal to consent to the processing of their personal data would prevent the performance of these services.


If the Customer has given his consent when ordering, by modifying his personal information online, his information can also be used to create a customer file for commercial prospecting purposes.


Personal information is kept for the legal retention period and is intended for the persons necessary for its processing within the company as well as for subcontractors when the contract signed between the subcontractors and the controller makes mention of the obligations incumbent on subcontractors in terms of data security and confidentiality protection (article 28 of the European Regulation on the protection of personal data EU 2016/679) and specifies in particular the security objectives to be achieved. No transfer of data is carried out outside the European Union by the company Scoc Auto.


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