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1. Certificate of conformity: what is it?

The certificate of conformity (also called Community type certificate - COC) is one of the documents necessary for your car to be placed on the European market and to be able to move freely.

Introduced by the European homologation directive EC-92 , the certificate of conformity aims to guarantee unequivocal safety, technical and environmental standards at European level .

Without this certificate, it is not possible to register a car in the European area.

Types of certificate of conformity

Although the European certificate of conformity is widespread, it should be noted that there are two types of documents:

  • Certificate of conformity of the CE car known as COC: it is a European Certificate of Conformity valid throughout the European territory, thanks to which the national authorities are not required to ask you for other technical documents on the car.
  • National vehicle conformity certificate: this document is only valid in the country in which it is issued, therefore for French use only. It will not be accepted in other European countries.

2. Certificate of conformity: by whom is it issued?


Under the regulations, it is the manufacturer of the car who must issue the car's certificate of conformity.

Since 2015, the certificate of conformity has only been available in digital format in Italy. The manufacturers send the technical data of the cars directly to the National Vehicle Archive.


3. Certificate of conformity: what information does it contain?

The certificate of conformity contains various data defined at European level . We are talking about:

  • Manufacturer identification information.
  • Country of production information.
  • EC type-approval number.
  • Technical information on the vehicle and its components.
  • Information on emissions.
  • Additions or annotations.

4. Certificate of conformity for used cars: how does it work?

Usually, used cars bought in Europe are accompanied by the certificate of conformity .

However, it may happen that the used car you want to buy was sold without its certificate and that it does not have a certificate of conformity. How to do it?

To be able to circulate without problem within the community space, it is necessary to request the certificate of conformity of the car.

The European certificate of conformity can only be obtained for vehicles for the transport of passengers, such as cars and motorcycles, excluding those intended for the American or Japanese market.

5. Certificate of conformity for used cars: how to obtain it?

Obtaining a certificate of compliance for used cars that do not have it is relatively simple. In fact, you have three options at your disposal:

  • Our online Certificate of Conformity ordering service

Online compliance certificate at Euro Conformité

On the site, we offer you a certificate of conformity without having to travel by entering the foreign gray card data on our order interface.

Generally, the cost of this service is between € 120 and € 790 depending on the brand. It takes an average of 7 days of treatment

The information you will need to request the certificate of conformity for your used car is as follows:

  • The country where you purchased the vehicle.
  • The date of the first registration.
  • The 17-character chassis number

Once all the required fields have been completed and payment has been made, you will receive the certificate of compliance by post within 5 to 7 working days.


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