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A COC (Certificate of Conformity) is a declaration of the conformity with the type approval of EC. The purpose of this document is to ensure the free movement of goods within the European Union, specifically for those goods that are subject to homologation and registration. We can supply you with the COC for:

A COC document is a producer’s declaration that the vehicle complies with the given approved type. This document contains information about the vehicle and its producer’s identification, type approval number, technical specifications and other data. The content of a COC is defined by EU regulation (Amendment IX, Regulation 92/53).

If you have imported a vehicle from abroad, in most countries you will need the Certificate of conformity to confirm, that it is a European model and can be driven in the traffic without the need for any modifications.

In the case you want to register your car in France and fields D1, D2, D3 and K are filled in the technical license, the COC may not be necessary, but the ANTS may sometimes ask for it additionally.

The registration process of an imported vehicle differs in individual EU countries. More information on registration in a specific country can be found here.

All COC certificates of ours are originals issued by the manufacturer of the vehicle or by an official representative of the make. However, the original document is only the first copy that should be given to the first owner of the vehicle. All subsequent copies may indicate «Duplicate» or «Copy» but corresponds to the original Certificate of conformity and contains all security signs such as hologram, watermark or a signature.

Certificate of conformity as a document corresponds to technical characteristics of a unique vehicle such as VIN number, colour of the vehicle, number of seats, emission norms and standards, fiscal power, sound level, engine capacity, maximum speed, fuel type, consumption, gearbox type etc. Unlike certificate of registration, it usually has 51 technical points. If you want to see what information are included in the Certificate of conformity (CoC), please check some of our CoC samples.

Usually first issuance of the COC is free and the certificate of conformity is delivered when buying brand new car directly from the car dealer. If you are buying a used car, second-hand car, light goods vehicle, scooter or motorcycle, then there is great chance that your COC has already been issued for the first time and every other copy called duplicate is chargeable.

The manufacturer, who has the correct dataset for the COC, charges a price for every other print of the COC. Therefore there is always a price for Certificate of conformity. COCs that you can find on the market for free are most probably invalid datasheets that will not help you register your car.

EuroCoc, as an intermediary is providing authentic and genuine certificates of conformity valid in all EU and EEA countries including Switzerland. Certificate of conformity is a document issued solely by car producer / manufacturer. Coc is a document providing information about the vehicle at the moment of its production, that’s why only the manufacturer can have all necessary technical details about it.

If you car was first registered in one of these countries, then the COC is not possible at all because it does not comply with European standards and does not have a European type-approval number.

You can read more about it in our article here.

Since its creation, the fundamental aim of the EU was to ensure the free movement of goods and services. The single internal market was launched in 1993. This means that once certain goods are approved under applicable EU rules, they can be traded without any further approval. This also applies to vehicles. In the past, vehicles were approved by individual EU Member States. Later, new legislation (92/53/EEC, 2007/46/EC) entered into force and a single European procedure («European single vehicle approval») replaced the national approval system of Member States. European legislation sets technical requirements for all new vehicles in order to facilitate their registration, sale and entry into the services within the EU. Abolishing the need for multiple approvals can be considered the greatest benefit of the European type-approval, in addition to setting uniform requirements for a high level of safety and environmental protection. The Certificate of conformity is a proof evidence that a vehicle meets all the requirements set by EU regulations.

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