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COC certificate of conformity

 COC certificate of conformity

COC certificate of conformity

Certificate of Conformity: Let's see what the COC Certificate of Conformity is, its features and when it is essential for automotive practices


The term COC is associated with what is called the certificate of conformity, which is a document serving as a declaration of conformity for a vehicle. More specifically, the certificate of conformity serves to certify the conformity of the vehicle and proves that the latter complies with CE regulations. In this in-depth analysis, we see when the Certificate of Conformity is needed and for which type of car.


What is the certificate of conformity?

The certificate of conformity or COC is essential to register a vehicle from abroad. This certificate of conformity or CoC is indeed one of the documents necessary to be able to proceed with its registration, declaration and obtaining the vehicle registration document. The car's certificate of conformity is issued by the brand's homologation service through the Euro Conformité England website. It contains various information which proves the conformity of the vehicle purchased in the European Union with the English laws in force. The COC was established by Directive 2007/46 / EC, aimed at creating common regulations for the approval of vehicles on European territory.


What does the certificate of conformity contain?

The COC certificate of conformity specifies the European type-approval number, which allows the administration to reference the vehicle in the European database of compliant vehicles. This EC type-approval number consists of numbers and special characters. Here is an example of a European type-approval number: E01 * 1201/121/10120

Each number has its own meaning:

- The first number defines the Member State which grants the certificate;

- The second number refers to the reference directive of the European Union;

- The third digit is the reference to the basic number of the approval itself, including also any updates;

- The fourth digit refers to the national registration code;

The certificate of conformity also contains various data of a technical nature, necessary for the issuance of the vehicle registration certificate. Among the most important information we can find:

- Mark;

- Model

- Version;

- Variant;

- Category;

- Name and registered office of the Manufacturer;

- Name and production site;

- Position on the chassis of the vehicle identification number;

- etc;

Depending on the type of vehicle you are going to register, the amount of information may increase or decrease.

Can we register a car without the certificate of conformity?

As stated previously, the certificate of conformity is mandatory to register a car imported into England. The main reason that requires you to provide the certificate of conformity is that on the foreign registration card, there is not all the information required for the issuance of the registration document.

In 99% of cases, the foreign registration document does not mention either the version or the variant.

Therefore, you must provide the certificate of conformity.

However, if your registration card is complete, the certificate of conformity is not mandatory.

Certificate of conformity price

The certificate of conformity is free if your imported vehicle is new. The certificate of conformity is issued free of charge by the importer and seller of the vehicle. Remember to claim the certificate of confidence.

If the vehicle is used, in this case you will have to order a new certificate of conformity for your vehicle.

The price of the Certificate of Conformity or CoC depends on the make of your vehicle.

If you import a used BMW car, you will have to pay 189 € to purchase the certificate of conformity. Count 129 € for a car of the Audi or VW brand or 289 € for a Peugeot vehicle.

Where to order the certificate of conformity?


If you type certificate of conformity on the google search bar, you will come across 3 or 4 sites which offer to provide you with the certificate of conformity.

But beware, among these sites, you have fake sites, sites headquartered in eastern countries, or sites with only a postal address in Paris. So if you want to order the real certificate of conformity valid in England, you will have to go through the only English site based in England: Euro Conformity England.

Euro Conformity England is the UK leader in the certificate of conformity and issues tens of thousands of certificates of conformity each year.

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