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How to obtain a certificate of conformity for my vehicle

How to obtain a certificate of conformity for my vehicle

How to obtain a certificate of conformity for my vehicle


How to obtain a certificate of conformity for my vehicle

To obtain the European certificate of conformity for your vehicle, collect the foreign gray card in order to order the COC certificate of conformity online .

Obtaining the gray card for a foreign vehicle requires the presentation of the COC Certificate of Conformity .

Since the opening of European borders, there are opportunities to acquire a vehicle abroad at very low prices. It is a good deal, but you must not forget that it must have a certificate of conformity before you can move freely in France! To avoid being caught off guard during a police check, follow these useful steps to obtain your COC.

What is the COC certificate of conformity . ?


The European Certificate of Conformity is an original document which is given to any purchaser of new vehicles in Europe, guaranteeing that they are in good standing with regard to the requirements of the European type-approval system. It is issued by the manufacturer to ensure free movement in Europe.

Indispensable for registering any vehicle purchased abroad, the COC to be supplied is that which the ANTS Prefecture requires for the issuance of the French gray card, which makes it possible to identify a foreign vehicle by means of its Community reception.

The documents to provide with the COC certificate of conformity


According to European Directive 70/156 / EEC, the COC must also be presented to the technical control center, otherwise there will be no issue of the technical inspection certificate.

In addition to the COC, all applicants for French registration certificates are required to produce the following documents:

· The certificate of conformity issued by Euro Conformité;

· A tax discharge attesting the payment of compulsory tax duties;

· A valid identity document of the applicant for the gray card;

· Proof of domicile from the town hall or the municipality where it resides;

· The request for the Cerfa 13750-03 registration certificate

· The vehicle purchase invoice or a certificate of sale;

· The foreign vehicle registration certificate;

· Technical inspection of the vehicle less than 6 months old

What is the price of the certificate of conformity?

The price of the certificate of conformity varies from one brand to another. So you have to count:

120 € for an Audi and VW Certificate of Conformity

210 € for a Renault and Dacia Certificate of Conformity

150 € for a Toyota and Lexus Certificate of Conformity

280 € for a Peugeot Certificate of Conformity

179 € for a Bmw and Mini Certificate of Conformity

250 € for a Porsche and Citroen Certificate of Conformity


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