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Mitsubishi certificate of conformity

Mitsubishi certificate of conformity
Exemple de certificat COC: 
Mitsubishi certificate of conformity
Delivery time: 
12 days

Mitsubishi certificate of conformity

The deadline for completion of the Mitsubishi certificate of conformity is 12 days.

The booking and shipping fees are included in the price of the Mitsubishi certificate of conformity.



A certificate of conformity Mitsubishi , CoC or Mitsubishi certificate of conformite CE is the official document ensuring that your vehicle complies with the European Union vehicle specification – EU type approval.

On your Mitsubishi CoC you will find all the properties of your vehicle – displayed through 51 (38 or 18 or 11 points), for instance its power, number of seats, weight...

Mitsubishi Certificate of conformity  can only be provided for private vehicles of class M1.

When buying a new vehicle, a CoC must come along. After being imported in one of EU countries, a new CoC Mitsubishi must be shown to authorities in the other EU country.

This conformity document can only be provided for cars made after 1996 and put into use within the EU territory. Euro Conformity , leader on the market, is a best solution for trouble-free Coc delivery.



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