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What is the purpose of a certificate of auto compliance

What is the purpose of a certificate of auto compliance

What is the purpose of a certificate of auto compliance

What is the purpose of a certificate of auto compliance?

When a new vehicle leaves the factory, the manufacturer must issue a certificate of conformity to show that the vehicle complies with European standards and directives. This certificate allows the driver to move freely on European roads. That said, this certificate is essential to avoid any problem.


What is a certificate of conformity?

The European conformity certificate or coc is an essential document for the purpose of registering in France and throughout Europe a vehicle bought abroad. This certificate is essential in order to obtain the first registration of the vehicle with the French prefectures. This is why it is automatically reset when a vehicle leaves the factory. The seal must contain the technical details of the vehicle in order to prove that it has been designed according to standards. Thus, the main information mentioned in this document is the vehicle registration number, the Community type approval number and its various technical characteristics. So, being a document really necessary to be able to circulate in full freedom, it is preferable to ask the coc with the seller.

What is the use of a certificate of conformity?

A European conformity certificate or coc proves that the vehicle complies with the directives as well as with the regulations of the European community. Therefore, to facilitate the movement of vehicles on the roads, it is given to all types of people, whether professionals or individuals, who wish to acquire a vehicle at the factory. Until you have this document, you will not be able to register your vehicle. Fortunately, today, due to the evolution of technology, it is possible to request a coc online. In addition, it allows you to get it as quickly as possible, without having to travel.

What type of car does a certificate of conformity concern?

A conformity certificate is essential for the following vehicles. First of all, for vehicles of categories L or M1; that is to say those with nine seats including the driver, and whose first registration is from the year 1995. Then there are the vehicles which are made to be marketed on the European market. And finally, those whose first registration was carried out in a member country of the European Union. It should then be specified that for these types of vehicles, this document must be presented during technical inspections. Therefore, do not hesitate to discover the wide choice of professionals who can issue this certificate to facilitate your circulation. These experts will remain at your disposal at all times


The importance of a certificate of automotive compliance

The automobile conformity certificate, the COC or the Certificate of Conformity is a document drawn up and delivered by the manufacturer for each new vehicle leaving a factory. It certifies the car's compliance with European regulations and requirements. You will discover in this file the importance of the automobile conformity certificate.

The interest of a COC

For a registration in France, you must present the certificate of conformity, whether for a new car, for an imported vehicle, or a used car that you bought on the European market. You should also remember to keep this COC because you will need it if you have to sell your car. The new owner cannot have his registration card if you do not give him this document. For a sale also, this certificate of conformity is the guarantee that your vehicle responds perfectly to the requests of the European Union.


The automotive COC obligation

To have your registration card in France, you must present the COC. This obligation cannot be circumvented if you bought your car in another member country of the European Union and want to register it in France. If you want to transform a passenger car into a passenger car, the automobile conformity certificate is also essential. This is also the case if you plan to equip your car with an LPG system or others.

Obtain the certificate of conformity

Normally, this document should be given when you buy a new car from a brand dealer or a manufacturer. If you buy the vehicle from a private individual, he must give you this COC. However, if you do not have it or if you have lost it, it is possible to have this certificate of conformity online on a specialized and approved platform. For online demand, you must remain vigilant, because there are always scams in the multitude of offers. Also consider making price comparisons for this service.

The certificate of conformity: for which vehicle?

The designation "certificate of automobile conformity" does not mean that this document is reserved for cars only. Note that if you have a vehicle of category L or M1, you must have a COC. A motorcycle or an agricultural vehicle can then have an automobile compliance certificate. The latter also concerns vehicles intended for the European market and those which had their first registration after 1995.


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